Natural Wooden Beaded Bracelets | Bracelets with Charm and Chakra Healing Stones Unisex

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Natural Wooden Beaded Bracelets with Charm, Chakra Healing Stones, and 100% Natural Wood

Want to heal your soul? Or do you want to remain calm during your stress full day? Or want something fashionable?

We have got everything of your taste that you will probably never find on any other Store. We give you a wide range of inventory to choose from.

Our Bracelets are hand made and we use 100% natural wood and real gemstones. Get this comfortable furnished wooden beaded bracelet and feel the luxuries in it. This could be the best gift for best friend, family, or anyone you care for and want to show your love. you can gift it on any occasion like Birthday, Aniversary, Thanksgiving, Graduation, or any other special occasion.

Wooden beads are lightweight. When you wear them, you will never have any feeling of bearing any extra weight. They also last very long. They are highly compact and can maintain their great looks for decades. Moreover, when they are combined with Chakra healing stones both will help you to deal with stress and gives you peace of mind.

We offer our customers a 100% moneyback guarantee with 14 days return policy.

Specification & Features:

  • Bracelet length 17~19 cm
  • Bead size 8 mm
  • Elastic
  • 100% Natural Wood
  • Polished and smooth

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