Lava Rock Stones Meditation Mala Necklace | 108 Diffusing Beads Mala & Bracelet for Men/Women

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Get the Diffusing Lava Rock Stones Mala Beads that adds beauty to your looks and helps in Meditation.

Confused what to gift your meditation buddy? Or having issues in your daily life to focus?

Their is only one thing you need and we got you again. Check out our Diffusing Lava Rock Stones Mala Bead. These are unisex Mala Beads and prove to be the best gift on many specials occasion.

Mala beads are a set of beads that have traditionally been used in prayer and meditation. Much like worry beads they can be used to set intention and focus. So you do not need to be religious or have any spiritual practice to own Mala Beads. We believe you can wear them as a reminder of your intentions and goals for a calmer mind, body, and spirit.


This stunning Lava stone comes from the fiery cores of the earth and rises to the surface to cool. It is one of the oldest rocks in existence and known for its grounding properties. This strong stone protects and centers our energies into the Earth.

Lava Rock stones are porous and have the ability to absorb. put 2-3 drops of your essential oil, rub it gently on them and enjoy awesome fragrance all the day long. Our products are hand made and we want our customer to be fully satisfied. 

We offer our customers a 100% money back guarantee with 14 days return policy.

Specification & Features:

  • Bracelet length 85~90 cm
  • Bead size 8 mm
  • Elastic
  • Diffusing stones

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