7 Chakra Healing Stone Bracelet | Chakra Healing Mixed Stone Beaded Bracelet for Man/Women

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Get yourself 7 Chakra Healing Stone Bracelet today and get your chakra in balance

Are Your Chakras Are Out Of Balance? Or you want to heal your body through natural stones?

We are offering a wide range of chakra healing natural stone bracelet. Explore our store now and get the best bracelet today. 

Our Chakra Healing Bracelets were created with powerful chakra stones for each of your 7 chakras to balance, cleanse, and align them. The chakras are manifested in one’s physical state. The ideal is to have all chakra centers clear, balanced, and vitalized for optimal well-being. Each chakra is associated with a particular area of the body and the color of the spectrum

The 7 chakra healing stone bracelet is fantastic everyday wear. We have the 7 chakra stones available in a wide range of styles but all styles include seven chakras of life. We have the rainbow, and gemstone designs to bring the power of the chakras straight to you.

Specification & Features:

  • Bracelet length 20 cm
  • Bead size 8 mm
  • Seven attractive designs
  • Slightly elastic

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